Encouraging Employee Participation

It becomes more and more difficult to recruit, retain, reward, and motivate our employees. Doing it well and consistently is an even bigger challenge. Employee engagement must be a part of the business strategy. Without excellent employees, our businesses are doomed to failure. When management plans to engage employees, and create meaningful work, it adds value to the corporation.

In order to create meaningful work, set goals for employees. Employees are most productive when they can see measurable outcomes in their work, and are held accountable for their work.

Create a culture of participation. This is easier said than done. Make it known that employees are expected to contribute and participate on a regular basis. When encouraging participation, center activities around something everyone likes – such as food! During meetings, have coffee and donuts. If your office is small, try to have a catered lunch meeting one day. Some offices have weekend activities, such as sporting events; however, it is essential to remember that the weekends are time for your employees to relax with their families. They may not want to spend the weekend with their colleagues.

Encourage creativity to find solutions – and implement solutions that employees have suggested. Nothing kills motivation and participation than a management team unwilling to implement new ideas or suggestions from employees. Your employees are the people on the ground floor. They are the front line of your business. Trust that they have ideas to make the workplace run a little more smoothly.

The new generation of employees entering the workforce aren’t the kind to stick around if their needs aren’t being met. Hopefully, with a few of these strategies, your employees will become engaged, and their needs will be met, as well as the needs of the company. Should you find your company with excess amounts of turnover, start talking to the employees that are leaving to find out why they are leaving. If they tell you, don’t retaliate against their reasons. Nothing will alienate current employees more than an abuse of power. Instead, learn from those reasons, and make adjustments in the company. When you make changes, and allow the employees to see those changes in effect, the company is setting a good example for those employees that are still currently employed.

Good luck in creating more participation within your business. It can be done, though it can be challenging at some places. If all else fails, admit the mistakes, and keep moving forward.


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